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Our company was founded with the intent of expanding the deep satisfaction and enthusiasm our founder and designer derives from working with fine gems and metals. Our goal is to take that delight and release it through our passion for excellence and sense of personal expression into the world. As such, Misahara has but one mission: Our goal is to spark joy in those we serve.

 At Misahara, we always ask, "How does your jewelry make you feel?" We hope that when wearing our designs, you feel a deep sense of pride and confidence. Our mission is about more than the commerce, though. Whether we connect over a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry, by meeting in one of our boutiques or electronically, or as a result of the charitable efforts that are a guiding light of our organization, throughout your experience with Misahara we strive to leave you feeling a great sense of elation.

It is a privilege to serve you, and in doing so, to take steps toward making a difference in the world.

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