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Meet Lepa Galeb-Roskopp



We all have passions in life; whether they reveal themselves through our work, in the love and dedication that we pour into raising our children and caring for our families, in our weekly tennis or golf game, or another hobby that we love and to which we dedicate hours of our time. Now for the first time, a designer approaches her work by asking the question… HOW DOES YOUR JEWELRY MAKE YOU FEEL? And in doing so, defines a new creative direction delivered with a fresh spirit of inclusiveness. 


Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is different. She explores the genre of “what ifs?” What if I create exceptional jewels that speak to the passions of others? Lepa recognizes that jewelry is an emotional art form; taking on a different meaning for each person. The jewelry must not only be the designer’s passionate expression, but a reflection of the culture of the times and the wearer’s individuality. She shares her creativity through the art of jewelry design pushing further with works that incorporate international influence, unique composition and execution… and she goes one step further by weaving her intuitive fashion sense into the process.



As a longtime jewelry enthusiast and jewelry collector, Lepa loved and appreciated the jewelry gifts that her husband bought for her on various celebratory occasions. While she treasured the thought behind it, the jewelry did not feel personal. So, she got to work… and to play. Her experience and delight in reimagining the designs she had sketched, subsequently turned into what is today a Collection that is an unparalleled treatment of the world of beautiful jewels. Lepa's distinct aesthetic, sophisticated taste and point of view come to life in Misahara.


Lepa takes pride in incorporating her other passions into the line as well. First and foremost, her family is woven into everything she does: Even the name "Misahara" is an amalgamation of the names of her children, Sara (sa), Harrison (ha), and Mara (ra), and her lifelong friend, Greg Minnaar, (Mi).


The natural world plays a huge role in Lepa's life and its influence is reflected throughout her designs as well. As the daughter of a diplomat, she spent much of her childhood in the ex-Yugoslavia and today Lepa has a home on the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro, as well as alongside the ocean in South Africa and California. She considers her love of the oceans a primary creative inspiration. Lepa’s deep connection and concern for our environment and the effects of humankind on it come to life in Misahara's Collections.


The brand’s signature of Unity is fashioned into the jewels emphasizing the commonalities that weave themselves throughout the human experience, regardless of where we live, what we do or what we look like. What's inescapably important to each of us is truly what makes the world go 'round.

Meet Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, a true global citizen, businesswoman and thriving, in-demand and respected jewelry artist.

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